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4th Infantry Division

legacy of the motto and nickname

On November 17, 1917, the same year that America entered World War I, the 4th Division was formed at Camp Greene, North Carolina to begin its long tradition of service to our country.  Filled with draftees, the Fourth Division, whose insignia had been adopted by its first commanding general, Major General George H. Cameron, became known as the “Ivy” division.  Its insignia consisted of four green ivy leaves on a khaki background.  The Division also derived its numerical designation from the Roman numeral IV (4 and IV mean the same thing); hence the nickname, “Ivy” division. The division’s motto is “Steadfast and Loyal”.

From 1970 to 1995, the 4th Infantry Division remained stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.  During this period, the division was converted to a Mechanized organization and frequently sent units to Europe to continue the Cold War mission of standing against the Communist threat.  It was during their time in Fort Carson that the division assumed the nickname, “Ironhorse”.

The Ironhorse Chapter of the 4th Infantry Division Association proudly supports and represents Active Duty members of the Association and "at large" members who wish to remain with the chapter regardless of home of record.  The Ironhorse Chapter will always be collocated with 4th Infantry Division in CONUS.

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